BOmm Curators in 2017

A group of curators, under CCB´s direction, selected the music contents that will be shown to the buyers who were summoned for BOmm 2017. These curators have been selected based upon their experience, recognition and track record in the national and international music industry.

We not only evaluate the musical quality of the artist and its work but other criteria are taken into account such as: Originality, proposal´s contemporaneity, track record, projection. Commercial potential, social media presence, market niches to which the project is aimed at and capacity to do business, among others.

These are the curators:

Alejandro Marín

Alejandro Marín 2017

Alejandro Marin is an entertainment journalist with 20 years of experience in the country. His knowledge about music and pop culture in general, currently make him one of the most reliable, recognized and respected analysts by the music industry in Colombia. As a radio personality, he has been at Dario´s worktable.
His strengths are his voice, his writing style and of course his recent influence in young adults through social networks.

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Álvaro González Villamarín

Àlvaro González

Mass Communicator and Colombian musician. His radio background evolved in La Súper Estación 88.9 in the shows: "La Clase de Español" (1995-2002) and "El Expreso del Rock" (1995-1998), and in Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia (1995-2001), as a cultural journalist and music programmer.  In 2005 he was part of the creative team who created the Radionica Project, currently he is its Director.  Moreover, he is the producer of the program called “La Clase” and he is radio drama writer.

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Antonio ‘Rolo’ Alarcón

Antonio ‘Rolo’ Alarcón lleva una carrera de más de diez años en el mundo de la cultura, el arte y el entretenimiento en Colombia. Inició su camino como presentador del programa ‘La Escena’, del Canal 13; fue host de la transmisión oficial del festival Rock al Parque entre los años 2008 y 2012. Posteriormente, fue periodista y curador musical de la Revista Shock durante casi siete años hasta el 2014; programador del Shock Fest entre los años 2010 y 2014 y host de Music Google Hangouts Colombia en 2013. Hizo parte del equipo de investigación de la Fundación Poliedro en 2014. Fue ganador del Premio In Vitro Visual a mejor corto documental en 2010 por “Medellín Resiste, una ciudad transformada a través de la Música”. También fue el creador y director de contenidos de la Estrategia Transmedia “La Ruta Unidos” para la Unidad para Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas entre los años 2015 y 2016. Actualmente, es el Especialista de Cultura de Red Bull en Colombia.

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Carlos Ardila

Carlos Ardila

Cultural manager with more than 10 years of experience in the music industry.  During those years he has advised promoters, supervisors and curators in the selection of talents who participate in advertising, film, television and music festivals such as South By Southwest, CMJ Music Marathon, Festival Nrmal and Festival Centro, among others.  He is currently the Senior Editor of Spotify´s streaming service.

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Chucky García

Chucky García

He has worked in Colombia´s music sector during more than 20 years, as a journalist, promotor, and programmer of festivals and concert halls.  Currently he is the artistic programmer of the Colombia al Parque and Rock al Parque festivals, the latter is considered to be one of the largest and more intense music events within the Spanish speaking continent: 180 thousand attendees during three days went in its 2017 edition.  This has been one of the festivals featuring more Latin American artists in all of the festival´s history (18 in total).  Moreover, he is the co-director of  Alcaparras Subterráneas and Chulethrash, two independent parties for emerging music and dance, which are held in Bogota, the Creative City of Music.

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Felipe Álvarez

Felipe Álvarez

Felipe Álvarez has worked extensively as a recording engineer with some of the most prominent artists in Latinamerica.  As producer and founder of Polen Records, one of the most relevant independent record labels in the continent, he has developed a contemporary sound based upon traditional elements.  These are some of the most relevant artists that have worked for this label: Bomba Estéreo, Chocquibtown, Sidestepper y Systema Solar.

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Iván Benavides

Iván Benavides

Music, composer, producer and cultural manager. Has worked with artists from different genres such as: Carlos Vives, Choc-Quib-Town, Philarmonic Orchestra of Bogotá, Gaiteros de San Jacinto (all of them Grammy Award winners), and different artists in Europe, USA and Latin America, in projects that range from electronic music and rock to traditional and symphonic music, in many cases proposing new languages that break the boundaries between genres. He was a member of Sidestepper, Bloque and Ivan y Lucia, with whom he made multiple recordings and world tours. Three of his productions were selected by Semana magazine to be included in the list of most important records in Colombia during the past 25 years, including “La Tierra del Olvido” of Carlos Vives and La Provincia, leading the list as number one.

He has been advisor to the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, artistic producer of the Gran Concierto Nacional-the largest concert done simultaneously in Colombia (its version in 2010 celebrated the bicentennial of independence throughout the Country´s municipalities and 44 countries). He was the director of the III Ibero-American Cultural Congress (Medellin, 2010). Consultant for high impact cultural impact, as well as curator, advisor and jury of different festivals, cultural markets and events. Artistic and musical director of symbolic big size shows such as: The Opening Ceremony of the 2013 World Games in Cali, the 150th Anniversary of Pereira, the Closing Ceremony of the Sub-20 Soccer World Cup in 2011, Bicentennial celebration held at Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota. Music composer for movies, theater and television and collaborator for transmedia innovative projects. He has lived in Spain and New York. He currently resides in Colombia since 2006.




Jaime Monsalve

Since 2010 he has been the Musical Director of National Radio of Colombia and member of the editorial committee and musical commentator of El Malpensante and Arcadia Magazines.  He is a Mass Communicator and Journalis from Javeriana University and earned a Master´s Degree in Literature from this same University. Has been editor of the sections Bogota and Culture of the Espectador newspaper, Brand Manager of Clasics &Jazz products at Universal Music, editor or the Culture and Entertainment sections of Cambio Magazine, Chief Editor and International Editor of SoHo Magazine and Chief of Contents for the Cultura Capital show of Capital channel. 

In three occasions he was a scholar in the Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano Foundation. He has written the following books: Carlos Gardel, cuesta arriba en su rodada (Panamericana, 2005), El tango en sus propias palabras (Icono, 2005), Astor Piazzolla, tango del ángel, tango diablo (Panamericana, 2009) and co-authored Jazz en Bogotá (Instituto Distrital de Patrimonio Cultural, 2010), La caja Filarmónica (Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá, 2012) ¡Fuera zapato viejo! Crónicas, retratos y entrevistas sobre la salsa en Bogotá (Idartes - Instituto Distrital de Patrimonio Cultural, 2014) and Iberoamérica sonora (Universidad de Guadalajara, 2016). In 2011 he won the Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simón Bolívar- National Journalism Award Simon Bolivar- for the Best Cultural Press Work (Mention.)

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Mariangela Rubini

Mariángela Rubini

She graduated from the School of Mass Communication and Journalism at Universidad Javeriana in Bogota. She has been working for the past 16 years in the Santo Domingo Media group, which includes: Espectador (newspaper), Cromos and Shock (magazines), Blu Radio, Caracol Noticias and Caracol Televisión, among others. During 5 years she was the editor of Shock and during 9 years she directed the printed magazine. Currently she directs the multiplatform of its website and leads other initiatives of the brand. She has developed highly important projects within Colombia´s musical and artistic scene, such as the Shock Music Awards, which celebrated their 14th edition in 2016. These awards have served as a launching and conveying platform for national and Latin American artists from different genres. Since 2005, she also organizes a national Band Festival which receives more than 600 artists in each version. This projects looks for our country´s new sounds and emerging bands. In two occasions, she has been jury at the Rock al Parque Festival as well as in other music festivals in different cities of the country such as: In Montería during the Golondrina de Plata Festival, the Batalla de Gallos organized by Red Bull, the Battle of the Bands at Hard Rock Café Colombia, Jumbo Audition and Rock & Law of the Pro-Bono Colombia Foundation.

She has been the curator in 4 opportunities for CCB BOmm´s Nuevas Músicas Mestizas and for Circulart and Minec (Mercado Insular de Nuevas Expresiones Culturales), which are important cultural markets held in Colombia. She was also a voting member of the MTV Latin American Awards and continues being one in the Premios Nuestra Tierra de RCN and HEAT Awards of the HTV Channel, among others. In MINEC 2017 framework she was the moderator for the academic section as well as for the press conferences with the most important artists who attended the ceremony. She wrote the chapter “Dissemination and communication strategy for implementing a festival or a musical event,” for the Manual about the creation of musical events CEM. She has been hired as an influencer in social networks through the WomyAds platform and other agencies for brands such as Vype, Motorola, Avianca, Chevrolet, Converse, Hard Rock Café, Coca Cola, Reebok, CyZone and Samsung, among others and also for the TNT Channel in events such as the Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards and the Billboard and American Music Awards.

She has been invited to participate as a panelist to talk about the evolution of the musical and artistic scene in Colombia and about the New Colombian Musics. She has also talked about the Creative and Cultural Industries within the framework of academic activities and events such as the Chao Racismo Forum, Plantario 2016, the Cultural Industries and Private Sector Forum organized by Idartes and Poliedro, Movimiento Clic, Resonancia Colombia 4.0, Asobares Fair and the Ibero-American Culture Congress. During the first version of Escénica: Cultura en Vivo and as a moderator in the Pacific Musical Market in 2013.

She has also been the jury in summons made to deliver strengthening and circulation scholarships in musical festivals organized by the Ministry of Culture as well as during Movimiento Clic 2017 a start-up´s Kick Off and for other artistic summons for brands such as Adidas, Converse and Revlon Colombia.  Also for projects such as the Glee Boulevard which combines dancing and singing.  Currently she is an Ambassador for the Reebok Classic brand and member of the Executive Committee in the Music Cluster of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota. Due to her experience and knowledge about the Colombian music scene, her voice was included in the documentary called La Nueva Ola: Nuevas músicas colombianas and in two other documentaries about the most important free rock Festival in Latin America: Rock Al Parque.  She has been jury twice in the Jumbo Audition, which seeks for new musical talents in Colombia.

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Nicolás Vallejo Cano

Nicolás Vallejo Cano

Former musical Director for Vice Colombia and Chief Editor of its specialized channels; Noisey and Thump, as well as the already extinct printed version of Shock magazine.  Nicolás has focused his career in generating narratives about the past, present and future of the regional musical landscape in order to provide an outlook around vital topics such as identity and generation.  He also created the first communication media dedicated to Colombia´s war and peace called ¡Pacifista!. With his band La MiniTK del Miedo he widely played at a local level as well as in European and North American scenarios. In 2016 he received the Gabriel Garcia Marquez cultural journalism scholarship, granted by FNPI. 

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Paula Durán

Paula Durán1

In 2004, after finishing her advertising undergraduate studies in her hometown Bogota, Paula moves to London and starts working in audiovisual media. Finds an MA in multimedia production in Germany, which opens for her the doors to TV jobs, advertising campaigns and independent films. All the latter gives her a broad knowledge of the global entertainment industry.

In 2009, she decides to pursue a future in the music industry and moves to California where she focuses in the supervision area of music. These includes both a creative management and a search for new talent for areas such as: Legal and general project coordination and communication within record, editorial, artistic and producing companies.

When Paula returns to London she joins the team of Kartel Music Group, an independent and innovative company that provides music services, and here she creates the company´s editorial area in 2012. With the creation of this area she is able to work with an incredible roster of composers with whom she has achieved significant results with film and television synchronizations and samples, among other uses, of the compositions she represents. Simultaneously, Paula has continued to work independently in music supervision.


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Philippe Siegenthaler

Philippe Siegenthaler

Founding partner and Talent Buyer of the Colombian promoter Páramo Presenta, in charge of Festivals such as: Estéreo Picnic, Baum Festival, Sónar Bogotá, Hermoso Ruido, Breakfest Medellín and Soma.  He is also responsible for shows in Colombia with artists like Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Andrés Calamaro, The xx, Foals, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, Hot Chip, Interpol, Enrique Bunbury, Franz Ferdinand,among many others.

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