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Canal Tr3ce

It is the regional public platform that produces converging, multiscreen, innovative, of social impact and quality contents that entertain, educate and promote cultural identity of young people who are connoisseurs of the world, of information technologies and communications.  Therefore, we move in a route that aims to be the first option of audiovisual contents to be consolidated as the country´s first channel for a young audience; thus becoming a universal benchmark for the creation of innovative formats. 


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Cartel Urbano

Cartel Urbano is an emerging, digital culture, native creators, street, night and party talents.  After 11 years, Cartel Urbano is the loudspeaker of a generation that is skeptical. Go to to find all the information about the emerging cultural scene.





Centro Ático de la Universidad Javeriana

Ático has one of the country´s and Latin America´s most modern recording studios. Up to 40 musicians fit on stage in a 120 m2, 2 level space.  Additionally, it has a 32 channel console and 12 chairs so that students can learn all the secrets about recording and live sound blending. 


“Any young person having the desire to learn about audio, video, film and television can come and participate in the workshops.  Even though this space is owned by Javeriana University, it is open for everyone.”  The place has a movie theater, equipped with digital projection and a multichannel sound of 7.2, one of the most powerful ones in Colombia.  

“All the equipment helps us to grow in our career path.  It produces a desire to experiment,” said Juliana Gonzalez, an Industrial Designer student who is in 8th semester and attended a radio class. 

Another important aspect of Ático is that it is one of the few technological centers in Latin America that received a certification from Autodesk (tridimensional design) and Dolby (professional sound).  Ático also offers courses about camera, studio and master production, lights, sound and post-production, Smoke, Flame and Lustre. 






BIME PRO es la primera feria Europea, dirigida a la industria musical y digital, que explora las nuevas vías de ingreso y colaboración a través de nuevas tecnologías, los videojuegos y el marketing. Es un congreso de 3 días que cuenta con un programa repleto de actividades como ponencias, networking, eventos especiales... 


BIME Pro conecta a los profesionales nacionales e internacionales, actualiza sus conocimientos y explora los nuevos modelos de negocio a través de las industrias digitales. 

Es también la primera feria europea en volcarse en la industria musical de Latinoamérica, trayendo a líderes de su industria.

A lo largo de las últimas ediciones, BIME ha contado con la presencia de empresarios y visionarios como Denis Ladegaillerie (Believe Digital), Alex White (The Next Big Sound), Charles Caldas (Merlin Network), Rob Challice (Coda Agency), Tomas Cookman (Nacional Records / LAMC), Bob Lefsetz (Lefsetz Letter), Benji Rogers (Pledge Music), Scott Cohen (The Orchard), Matias Loizaga (Pop Art), Alexandre Wesley (Lollapalooza Brazil), Martin Hewett (Playstation).


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Deezer is a French, subscription-based streaming music service with millions of subscribers in more than 180 countries.  This platforms enables fans to enjoy a broad music catalogue, make reproduction lists and share them and be in contact with their favorite bands.  DEEZER is a music recommendation expert, due to an editorial team that dedicate their time to search for the best music around the world and provide it to the users.  Its market penetration has grown little by little in the national market and it is one of our allies. 



Invest in Bogotá

Invest in Bogotá is an agency that promotes investment in Bogota.  It is a public-private initiative between the CCB and the Capital District.  In 2009, we were rated as the best investment agency in a developing country.  Our mission is to provide support to investors who are exploring opportunities in Bogota.


Twitter: @investinbogota





Noisey es el canal de música de Vice -una de las revistas más importantes del mundo- con el cual han logrado llegar a millones de usuarios gracias a su particular forma de presentar el contenido musical. Su línea editorial se basa en el storytelling para llegar a sus usuarios y donde logran explorar desde el punk, el rock, el metal y el rap, entre otros.

En 2012 se aliaron con YouTube para ser un generador premium de contenido creando así una marca que ha roto los esquemas en cuanto a la generación y viralización de contenidos musicales.




It is a Company specialized in digital solutions for musicians and record labels.  Its objective is to maximize their clients´ results, through digital distribution in streaming stores, direct sales, YouTube and digital marketing services. 


Radio Nacional

Radio Nacional de Colombia –National Radio of Colombia-, is created in 2007, as the result of the redesign of programming and contents of the former Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia, which aired since February 1, 1940, under the government of Eduardo Santos.  The mission of Radio Nacional is to promote Colombian music artists, have presence in different festivities and festivals around the country, and rescue the representative crafts of the country´s provinces as a way of preserving the traditions of Colombians from one generation to another. 

Complying with its mission, Radio Nacional de Colombia, has a program schedule that aims at generating identity, promoting culture, preserving tradition and rescuing the historical memory of the country.  Moreover, its programming generates educational contents that enable Colombians to learn about science and technology, environment and national current events.  It also helps to strengthen peace pedagogy and the government´s public policies. 

This radio station broadcasts in more than 75% of the Colombian territory through 51 radio frequencies that reach different regions.  Therefore, it is the only radio option in many of these regions, thus achieving the objective of being the public radio of all colombians. 



Señal Radiónica, a Colombian public radio station was created in October 15, 2005.  Since its creation, the objective has been focused in providing support to the Colombian independent musical market.  Consequently, its programming gave origin to important projects that have generated an impact in national and international scenarios.  On the other hand, besides having artistic expressions (music, film, visual arts, performing arts) the radio station offers topics related with the environment and new technologies.  The radio station´s traditional broadcasting has enabled cities such as Bogota, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Málaga (Santander) and Riohacha to have a high quality and sound cultural offering.  Our webpage and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Vine) allows the digital proposal of Señal Radionica to reach the world and other places of the Colombian geography; thus, creating a comprehensive, effective, respectful, inspirational and timely feedback



Shock magazine has been at the heart of the national scene.  Talking about music leads us immediately to the magazine- currently a quintessential musical transmedia site- in our country.  Published for the first time in 1995, Shock magazine has set the trend about what happens in Colombian music and has become a local editorial benchmark.  As pioneers of what originates in Colombia, the magazine led by Mariangela Rubini, rapidly positioned itself as the most important specialized music media in our country

In 2000, the magazine created the Shock Awards, the most relevant music awards in our industry that attracted great Latin American artists such as Maná, Beto Cuevas and los Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, among others.  From its editorial position they encompassed all possible genres in a multicultural country as ours and gave the due importance to all genres in an equal way.  Its editorials, cover pages, record reviews and musical recommendations became a reference for the written musical journalism and they are today, important allies of BOmm.


Huellas & Memoria

La Fundación Huellas y Memoria es una organización creada en 2014, orientada a visibilizar, promocionar, fortalecer y formar expresiones artísticas y culturales afro, en pro del desarrollo económico de dichos productos culturales, generando a la postre, oportunidades de negocio y contribuyendo a la sostenibilidad y rentabilidad del gremio; favoreciendo así la difusión del patrimonio cultural afrocolombiano, construyendo territorio y nación dentro de un modelo productivo.

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