Public and private transportation


Observatory 1 (2007) (spanish version)

Observatory 2 (2008 - TM1) (spanish version)

Observatory 3 (2008) (spanish version)

Observatory 4 (2008 - TM2) (spanish version)

Observatory 5 (2009) (spanish version)

Observatory 6 (2010) (spanish version)

Observatory 7 (2013) (spanish version)

Observatory 8 (2014) (spanish version)

Observatory 9 (2015) (spanish version)

Observatory 10 (2016) (spanish version)

Surveys on transport perception

Motorcycles: ¿threat or solution? (2015) (spanish version)

Memories on the forum "Bogotá siempre gana" con el SITP - 2013

Retos de la movilidad metropolitana:

1. Public transportation in Barcelona: bus system current situation and new challenges (spanish version)

2. The role of the metro in the public transportation system (spanish version)

3. Mobility and land occupation in the Metropolitan Region of Bogotá (spanish version)

4. National Development Plan 2014-2018 and urban mobility (spanish version)

5. Challenges in Bogotá's metropolitan mobility (spanish version)

6. Line of research in planning and infraestructure for transport Central theme: road safety (spanish version)

7. National urban transportation policy (spanish version)

8. Sustainable mobility (spanish version)

9. Mobility in the capital district from the land use perspective (spanish version)

10. "Inappropriate behavior on public transportation" (spanish version)

11. Strategies, perspectives and challenges for the transportation sector - National Development Plan 2014-2018 (spanish version)

12. Improving air quality in Bogotá: Analysis of bus alternatives (spanish version)

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