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Un programa de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

About CCB

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota is an institution that has defined the development of the city and region and its history is closely linked to the economic, political, social and cultural events of this capital.  It goes back to 1878 when a group of visionaries, formed by Jose, decided to promote the creation of companies, defend the interests of the city's business owners and entrepreneurs and be an advisory and consulting body of the Government.


CCB´s principles are: Prosperity, shared value and governance.

Prosperity: State of increasing and inclusive well-being by means of an abundant and balanced creation of public and private goods and services for all of the community.

Shared Value: Business practices that increase business’ competitiveness while improving social, environmental and economic conditions for the communities where it operates.

Governance: The capacity of different stakeholders to work in a collaborative manner to manage their own development.

Fields of action:

Public registries:

  • Merchant Listing.
  • Single Proponent Listing.
  • Non-For-Profit Company Listing.
  • National Tourism Registry.
  • Foreign NGO Listing.
  • Solidary Economy Listing.
  • Activity, Games and Gambling Listing.
  • Citizen Oversight Listing

Dispute resolution: we offer opportune solutions within businesses or to third parties through arbitration. During conciliation, we offer services to enable the resolution of civil, familiar and commercial disputes.

Entrepreneurial services: we promote formalisation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation, innovation, and support within the agro-industrial sector, and business information and training.

Competitiveness and shared value: we boost businesses competitiveness by activating the cluster. We strengthen different sectors with the participation of entrepreneurs and we implement programmes, which promote the generation of shared value from businesses.

Governance and business knowledge: we work on balancing the public-private sectors from information rated to lead proposals, which improve the environment. As such, we play a linking role in collaborative citizen networks to contribute to the “Greater collective commitment”.