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Un programa de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

Frequently asked questions

BOmm is a space for national and international cultural entrepreneurs to learn about the best musical proposals produced in Colombia and to sign up artists in festivals, artistic circuits, specialized scenarios and cultural fairs around the world.  

Producers, managers, creators, agencies, brands, publishers, cultural marketing specialists and artists will find an ideal opportunity to exchange business experiences, broaden reception and consumption circuits for their cultural products, become acquainted of the new musical management alternatives and above all, open the world´s doors to the Colombian cultural diversity.

Additionally, it is a promotion and professional updating platform, and a networking space to reach agreements, partnerships and business around the music industry.  The core of BOmm is to bring Colombian musical creators closer to commercial brands in order to facilitate exchange agreements and mutually beneficial synergies.

  • When is the event?

    The event Will take place on September 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18th of 2020.
    The BOmm Talks, Showcases, business roundtables and the Expanded Council of the Music Cluster take place on these days.

  • I’m a musician or I have a band. How can I participate in the BOmm?

    By completing the registration form, which you can complete by clicking here. If you wish to have more information you can consult it here.

  • What are the requirements to participate?

    If you are participating as an artist, check it here


  • Where do I find the participating regulation?

  • When is the call?

    Check the dates of BOmm 2020 here.
    The are no extensions or modifications in the dates. The sooner you complete your registration, the more time our curators will have to listen your proposal. Given the high demand of the website during the last moments of the call, we recommend that you complete the registration form as soon as possible.  Don’t leave it for the last minute!

  • Where do I sign up?

    If you wish to participate as an artist, industry agent or buyer you can register by completing the online form from the 28th of february onwards. 

  • Does participating in the BOmm have any cost?

    No. it has no cost to artists, industry agents or buyers.

  • Once I register, do I have a place insured In the BOmm?

    No you don’t. 

    The artists projects will go through a process of curatorship where they will be checked to see if they meet the specified criteria and if they have the artistic quality necessary to be part of the BOmm.
    The industry agents must complete a form to evaluate their participation in the business round, taking into account their entrepreneurial capacity and business conduct.

  • When will we know if we’ve been chosen?

    The results are published on this website in accordance with the BOmm’s schedule

  • How do I prepare for the BOmm?

    In the manual you will find the best tips and tools so that you get prepared with what you should know and do before accessing a network space of music.

  • Who can attend?

    If your proposal is selected for the Conferences, the person identified in the registration will receive an accreditation to participate on the first day of the BOmm only, that is to take part in the Conferences and Showcases.

    If your proposal is selected for the Business Rounds, you will receive two accreditations (one for the representative indicated on the registration form, and one for one other person) to participate in the first two days of the BOmm (Conferences and Showcases in the first day and Business Roundtable on the second day). You will also have the opportunity to apply to the services that the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá offers, thorough the completion of an online diagnosis that we will send to you.
    Keep in mind that only people with the Business Whell accreditations will have access to the BOmm on the second and third day.

  • I wan to play live that day, how can I sign up for the Showcases?

    Showcases do not have separate registration.

    In the online registration form, you must indicate if you want the curators to evaluate your proposal so you can have the option to receive an invitation to play in the Showcases.
    The curators will select the groups and artists. The selection and programming are published on this web page according to the BOmm schedule.

  • What does scheduling mean?

    It’s the process of managing appointments between musicians, industry agents and buyers for the BOmm Business Conference. The representatives of the selected proposals will have access to the online scheduling platform, so that they can manage their agendas. They may send appointment requests to industry agents and buyers to accept or decline the applications they receive.

  • Which were the BOmm 2019 conferences?

    You can check the conferences o f the latest version of the BOmm at the following link (spanish version):


  • We are in a city that’s not Bogotá, can we still sign up?

    Yes. The call is open to all Colombian musicians, industry agents and national and international buyers.

  • I have already attended to past BOmm versions, is my data still valid?

    No. To be part of this years BOmm and participate either as an artist, industry agent or buyer, you must fill out and complete the registration form, which you can find here.

  • I am a media representative and I want ot attend as a press member, how do I get an accreditation?

    Contact Adrian Alba by email at the Press Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá: Adrian.alba@ccb.org.co
    Once the request is made, we will evaluate it to assign the respective press accreditations to attend the Bomm.

  • I want to attend as a buyer of Colombian music. Where can I get more information to register?

    To register as a national or international buyer, you can consult and complete the registration form here.

  • How is a Business Roundtable like?

    A Business Roundtable is in general terms, an activity where a buyer and a potential seller with similar interests meet according to a schedule or pre-established appointments. Here are some tips for your participation:

    ·        Each participating musician selects the purchasing companies with which he wishes to meet based on the information that they themselves have included in their registration form. It is vitally important that you fill out the registration form with all your data so you do not miss any opportunities

    ·        Its important you get up to date with all the companies that are going to participate so you can take advantage and request or accept the interviews that will take place.

    ·        The main recommendation for those attending an event of this kind is to attend their appointments on time and carry all the information that your counterparty may require (products and services that offer and demand, prices, production capacity, delivery periods, business cards). Remember that each appointment has a limited duration, during this time you must clearly convey your business expectations or what you want to offer.

    ·        Verify that the appointments assigned to your project are the ones you plan to make. Keep in mind the names of the people with whom you are going to interview, the time and the table number of the appointment to be better prepared. The Business Round is only the first step of the negotiation, it is a first contact with a possible partner that will allow you to identify if there is a commercial opportunity and if there’s any chance of a new business and alliance. From this point on its recommendable to do a negotiation or agreement, do not hesitate in closing a business agreement in this first approach.

    ·        It is important that the representative attending the event has decision-making power.

    ·        Do not forget to bring all the audiovisual help you need to show the effectiveness of your product and remember to charge the battery of your portable equipment, high quality headphones, music on CD’s and in a clean presentation.

    ·        We recommend sending letters or thank you letters to the contacts made during the Business Roundtable. Good luck! This can be the beginning of something very important for your career.

  • Who can participate in the category of industry agents?

    ·        People associated with the music industry: managers, bookers, 360 agencies, labels, digital aggregators, publishers, music producers, merchandising and brands, and collective management societies.

    ·        Natural or legal persons located in the national territory, who are registered in a Colombian Chamber of Commerce and whose commercial registry has been renewed before March 31, 2019, and provide that they comply with the requirements established in the call.

    ·        Foreign companies that work with national content at a international level, which are not necessarily constituted in Colombia, and that demonstrate a work with Colombian content, and provided that they meet the requirements established in the call

  • What kind of business can an industry agent perform?

    An industry agent does business with other agents. In addition, stamps with stamps (B2B), stamps with aggregates, brands with festivals, bookers with brands, etc

  • What is the difference between a buyer and an industry agent?

    • The buyer only comes to negociate with artists.
    • If a music entrepreneur wants to do business with other industry agents and, in addition look for local artists, he must register in the category of agents of the industry.